your photos on usb

Your photos will be provided to you on USB, in which you are able to post online and print in any way or any size you desire.


Photo Books

Photo books are available to purchase at any time after the session has been completed. Your photo book will be 7x7, 30 pages with a premium fabric bound cover and foil stamping. additional pages are available. please contact to receive a photo book order form.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase as a wonderful gift for a family member or friend. Any price can be purchased for the gift voucher. Please email to organise and purchase a voucher.


Framed hand or foot prints

Perfect for the small bubs as an add on to the photo session, during the session we will create a hand or foot print which will later be framed and gifted with the images on usb. please email to organise this.


Short videos are also available and can be recorded on the day of your session, please note: videos are only an additional item and cannot be booked alone, only with a photography session. See below for some examples.