Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Chantelle Elise Photography

Photoshopping and editing of images

Requests of photoshopping and editing images is granted, however if deemed too difficult or unnatural Chantelle Elise Photography has the right to decline requests. There is an additional fee for extreme edits, however minor edits are acceptable without charges.

USB and loss of images

Your photos will be delivered to you on USB, Chantelle Elise Photography highly recommends for her clients to make duplicate copies of their images on their computer or hard drive. Chantelle Elise Photography will not be responsible for the loss of images.

Permission to use images on social media and websites

Unless requested by the clients, Chantelle Elise Photography has the right to use the images for marketing purposes on her business social media page and website. Should you not want your images published, please request this whilst booking your session.

Safety of the children

Chantelle Elise Photography intends to ensure all of her clients are kept safe during the process of the shoot, however it is the clients responsibility to ensure that their child/ren are kept out of danger throughout the photo session.

Chantelle Elise Photography’s unique style and editing

Please ensure as a potential client, you take the time to look through Chantelle Elise Photography’s portfolio (on the website or Instagram) to ensure that it is the style you desire and intend for your photo’s. Chantelle Elise Photography has a natural and less traditional approach to her images which is not everyones intended choice or style. Should you have any special requests of photos or poses, ensure you email a list to Chantelle Elise Photography before the session commences. 

Weather and rain checks

Chantelle Elise Photography will be vigilant and check the weather regularly four days prior to the shoot, should the weather be deemed difficult to work in both the client and Photographer may discuss postponing the shoot and choosing a different day to have the session.

Duration of the shoot

Depending on the package agreed to, Chantelle Elise Photography provides a duration time for the session. Please note, this is an approximate time and Chantelle Elise Photography will be lenient and patient should more time (within reason) be needed to ensure she has taken enough photos to meet her standards. In saying this, should the photoshoot finish early due to taking enough photos or by clients choice, Chantelle Elise Photography will not change the price of her session and this will have NO effect on the total amount of finished images that will be edited and provided on USB to the client.

Sneak peeks and sending the package

Either the day of or the day after the shoot, Chantelle Elise Photography will provide a total of 3 sneak peek images for the clients to see before the final package is delivered to them. Depending on the clients home location, the final package will either be hand delivered or posted to the desired location. Chantelle Elise Photography will NOT be held responsible for missing packages and will be able to send a drop-box link of the images if this is to happen.


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